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Wellness with a difference

Our Baths

The baths at Hotel Diana in Seefeld are something very special and convince everyone who has tried them.

Only with us do you bathe not only in hay, lavender, thalasso or whey but also in beer - for a very special wellness holiday in Seefeld!

man in hay bath Man and woman in a beer bath
bouquet of flowers

Wellness with Hops & Malt

Beer Bath

Unique in Tyrol and an experience that you simply have to
treat yourself to: our beer tub bath.

With its spicy scent and bubbling tingle, the natural barley juice pampers the skin and relaxes in a special way.
For a rest we have prepared an oat straw four-poster bed.

More Baths

It bubbles, smells and goes from the skin directly into the mind. The baths at Hotel Diana Seefeld are something very special and convince everyone who has tried them.

dried hay

Hay bubble bath

Alpine relaxation de luxe: Valuable hay flower extracts stimulate circulation, purify, relax and strengthen the immune system. Bathe in the hay bath for around ten to twelve minutes and then relax wrapped in a linen sheet in the hay canopy bed for a further 45 minutes.

Wood Spoon and Cereals

Whey bath

Strengthen the skin's natural defences, rebuild the acid mantle and feel the nourishment of vitamins A, E and D as well as milk protein and lactic acid.

dried violet flowers

Lavender bath

Made from 100% Dead Sea bath salts with Swiss mountain lavender. Has a calming effect on the central nervous system, relieves physical and mental tension, strengthens the nerves and stimulates the mind.

Bottle with herbs and flowers

Wellness Bath

"Blueberry & Algae"- 100% Dead Sea bath salt with extracts of blueberries and sea algae. Invigorates and nourishes with blueberry and seaweed extracts, with a fruity blueberry scent. Gently cleanses without drying out the skin, moisturises and softens the skin.

Wellness goodies

Alkaline Bath

This alkaline bath stimulates the skin to eliminate toxins and acids. It is free of acidic irritants and therefore particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

Lavender soap and olive oil soap

Luxury Cleopatra Bath

The Egyptian queen Cleopatra already knew about the particularly skin-caring and moisturising effect of a milk bath. Enjoy this luxurious wellness bath with delicately scented essences, milk and minerals. It has a sensual, soothing effect, moisturises and leaves the skin healthy and smooth.

Wellness goodies - soap and cream

Thalasso bath with detox effect

Hippocrates already recommended the healing power of the sea with a thalasso bath against rheumatism. The seawater extracts water from the body by osmosis and adds the valuable vital substances of the algae.

Even without being a hotel guest, you have the possibility
to use our wellness treatments.

Ideal for the weekend or as a gift for friends and acquaintances.

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